I'm Barbara King.

Living and working in the Santa Fe area of New Mexico, I am immersed in a spectacular landscape and on a wonderful adventure with clay. The limited edition and one-of-a-kind functional ware is fired in a gas reduction atmosphere that encourages the development of earth tones and subtle color variations in my glazes.

Since childhood, I have been involved in the arts, and especially loved working with clay. After graduating from University of Wisconsin with a degree in Art Education, and from Massachusetts College of Art with a Masters degree, I taught art for more than twenty years.

At the same time, for thirty years, I operated Ocmulgee Pottery-a studio, school, and fine crafts gallery in Ipswich, Massachusetts. During those years along the New England seacoast, my work was influenced by and in turn reflected that natural coast.

My present work is both wheel thrown and handbuilt with influences from my natural surroundings and the flavors of the West. Many pieces reflect my two main interests-horses and gardens-and are meant to be placed outdoors. Other more functional ware begs to be used daily and cherished like a good friend.

Work may be seen at:
El Ortiz Gallery
at Lamy Station, NM
Cerrillos Station Gallery
Cerrillos, NM

my horses shino and shane


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